In the early 50’s Mario and Giuseppe start very young to learn the shoemaker’s craft in the Marche region.

At the beginning of their activity, the Gallucci brothers specialize their production in the orthopedic kids’ shoes. Afterwards, in the late 60s Mario and Giuseppe decide to innovate their kids footwear production by combining their expertise in producing healthy and comfortable shoes with the flamboyant Parisian fashion taste and the techniques of the English traditional construction.
Today the tradition goes on with the second generation of the Gallucci family, Andrea and Gianni, the sons of Mario and Giuseppe, face the market with an innovative vision but always keeping the know-how of the Italian shoes craftsmanship


The use of high quality materials guarantees healthy and comfortable shoes that, combined to style, ensure an entirely MADE IN ITALY production.

Quality of the materials and special processing techniques like the Goodyear, the “Ballerinas”, “Ideal” and the Tubular Mocassin. This leads to make a healthy shoe supporting the children growth with a correct body posture and walk, avoiding muscular or back problems in the future.
Attention to details and comfort combined with a unique and sophisticated style have contributed to develop the brand in the most important international markets.