A cultural wanderer, jack of many trades and all-around mover ‘n shaker, Marcelo Burlon operates fluidly under the moniker County of Milan. With its pervasive global appeal and pop grasp on the collective imagination, the language of fashion is a tool he is particularly familiar with. What started as a visually-arresting t-shirt line has grown swiftly into a full collection, for both men and women, that keeps a metropolitan vibe with an upbeat tribal flavor.
A line of kidswear is Marcelo’s latest venture For his KIDS OF MILAN Marcelo Burlon took a bunch of statement pieces from his collections and downsized them. Drawing iconographic elements from different cultures – Mapuches and Teleheuleches from Patagonia – as well as inventing them – snakes, numbers, geometries – Marcelo created his very own symbolism by remixing all the elements into endlessly morphing patterns which he splashed onto clean, pragmatic pieces, let- ting prints entertain the eye while keeping the design basic. The collection is visually bold, yet extremely practical. It is inclusive and playful, satisfying the widespread urge of belonging to a group while choosing pieces that truly feel individual.




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