Unlabel kids manifests the growth and creativity of the life with the new collection abundance. where kids feels completed, the whole, to his reflection to the universe. Where abundance flows into his life in surprising, miraculous ways every day, guiding him with gratitude and a brave attitude to plant his inner garden.

The collection is lavish with pleats, ruffles, ribbons, puffed sleeves, giving a sense of subtle magnificence. But aside fulfills itself in slim and straight silhouettes, cropped jackets, shorts, fit dresses. It is flowing on satin surfaces, touching silk and embroidered cottons, exploring rustic rayon, roughly soft ramie, smooth faux leather, shiny lycras. surrounded by black and ivory contrast, shiny vanilla and dusty tones, peach and sky blue stripes, bright neon and checked fabrics for completeness. abundance between subtle luxury and delicate, minimal looks for casual or festive days.